About Me

When Tiffany first hiked to the summit of Mt. Whitney in 2015, the highest peak in the contiguous United States, the experience ignited her soul. She went on to epitomize the weekend warrior—exploring every nook and cranny of Southern California’s San Bernardino mountains; and making the five-hour pilgrimage to the Sierra Nevada with every opportunity.

The more that she immersed herself in the alpine by hiking and backpacking, the more that Tiff’s passion grew. So too did her desire to share her experiences; Tiff began utilizing her social media channels and blog in an effort to empower other regular city ladies like herself to get outside.

In 2021, Tiff took a big leap of faith when she decided to face her fear of heights and expand her skill sets by climbing. Ice climbing, initially; soon thereafter, mountaineering. Then multi-pitch trad climbing. Technical alpinism. And alpine rock. With each endeavor her confidence grew; Tiff discovered a new vertical dimension of her passion for travel in the mountains.

With a background in marketing and a keen creative eye, Tiff utilizes her experiences in the incredible arenas that she visits to generate content for a variety of companies in the outdoor, travel, and tourism spaces.

When not hiking or climbing, Tiff is probably making daily milk tea runs to her favorite Boba shops around LA.