About Me

I’m just a normal city girl wishing to be a mountain girl. My name is Tiffany and I started a blog back in July 2014 which was my “open journal” to share my experiences. In 2015, I decided to hike Mt. Whitney after doing one small peak, so I trained, I conquered, and I’ve been addicted to hiking ever since. My passion for hiking has grown tremendously over the years and I spent almost all my weekends outdoors and have paused on blogging, but it’s something I enjoyed since the start of my journey and I am getting back to it. I want to share my experience with anyone that is looking for very detailed (& lengthy) trail reports, adventure seekers, newbie hikers (like I was), and just anyone that wants to read about my journey. I was your average girl that didn’t hike more than 5 miles flat and only a handful of times in the year… now I hike every week and look forward to the 10+ mile trails to summits. I hope to inspire other “average” girls to get out more.

As I am slowly building this website and converting from my WordPress blog, don’t expect it to look… complete. It’s a work in progress.