Back At It… Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook & Late Night Thoughts

⭐️Star light star bright first star I see tonight, I wish I may I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight.✨🌟💫

I don’t like to revisit the same hikes too many times, but I could never get tired of this place, especially at night.  I can’t get over how amazing the view is.  I just love the city lights & somehow, it always looks different every time I go.  Not to mention, the stairs are a great workout, even if you only do one set.

Century City / Wilshire Area

Tuesday [1.6.15] was the first day it was warm in the last month. Ya, it’s been freezing in LA this winter… Like 50s. I’m a SoCal girl, born and raised, so I’m not used to this kind of cold weather on a daily basis.  I’m used to 70 degrees, sunny winter weather. ☀️😎. But ya, I wanted to take advantage of the weather and since I was conveniently down the street at my pole class, I had to hike up the stairs.  The moon was also so big and beautiful, it just lit up the whole hill.

Moon and the Sky
I love this <3
I've got DTLA in the palm of my hands
I’ve got DTLA in the palm of my hands








My friend took me through the back path this time which I feel like I might have been before in the daylight, but at night you get a different kind of breathtaking view of Downtown Los Angeles.  My phone didn’t capture it too well though.  Oh, and I got two bug bites. 😔


On a separate note, today (Wednesday evening) was my first day back at my Step and Strength class.  I miss it. Classes were cancelled because of the holidays and now we are learning completely new steps which we haven’t in awhile.  I don’t think I like it much either though.  Maybe I’m just not a fan of change, but I haven’t liked any of the new routines in my gym classes so far.


Oh & I just have to note (more for myself) — on Monday, I weight maybe 2-4lbs less than my usual.  Today, I weight another 1lb less, putting me at the lightest weight in years.  This was also measured before dinner (I tend to blow up after).  My belly still seems bloated though so I think it’s partially due to losing muscles along with fat from eating better… Which I am actually really surprised at considering how much junk food I’ve consumed in the last few weeks.

Now in my opinion, I don’t think a person’s physique can be best measured by weight just because someone can be toned with muscle mass and weights a decent amount, compared to a skinny person with the same body frame and no muscles that weights much less.  I’m not see which is better. I think it is personal preference.

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