Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook at Sunset

I’ve only been back from my vacation for a week but I’ve been itching to go hiking.  This little hill will have to suffice for now.  I may come here often, but I can never get sick of this view… or the stairs workout.  I went early evening around 5:30pm yesterday, Monday [2.16.15], and only went one round.  I came mostly for the sunset this time and the stairs was just an added bonus.  I don’t think I’ve ever been at this hour since I’m usually working, but I left a tad bit early.  It was so smoggy/ foggy (given that it is LA, it’s probably smog) that you could barely see Downtown Los Angeles in the distance, but it was still a beautiful day with amazingly warm weather… low 80s/ high 70s… got to love California weather!

I caught the sunset just in time.  It went down pretty fast, but I haven’t sat down to just enjoy it in awhile.  Despite the crowdedness and the voices chattering in the background, the moment seemed peaceful, relaxing, quiet… almost like there was no one else was around.  Sometimes, it’s nice to just space out everything and everyone, even if it is just for a minute or two.  I’ve been trying to enjoy the present moment and not focus on anything else.  Someone I know is very into meditating and I guess I’m trying to pick up a few healthy tips for the mind…

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