Beach Biking in West LA

Last Sunday [12.7.14] was supposed to be hiking with the roomy, but since the trail I wanted to do was too far and we were on a time crunch, we decided to go beach biking instead… also because it has been awhile.  It’s always a good day when it’s just the two of us.

We went back to our usual lunch spot at C&O Trattoria.  We saw someone order waffles with strawberries last time that looked really good so we wanted to try it this time.  Ordered the waffle with fruit and calamari… and minutes later they told us their waffle machine thing was out of commission.  I started to crave pasta right before that, so I guess it’s a sign we should just stick with the pasta.

Bike PathWe biked from 1:11 – 4:04pm and rented from the place right outside (to the left if you are facing it) of the restaurant; it was $6/hr.  Biking this time seemed so much easier than the first time.  We did the exact same trail, which according to Google maps is 8.6 miles each way.  We stopped at the end of the Ballona Creek Bike Path by the water, where the bridge is that connects to the Marvin Braude Trail.  A lady told us she just saw dolphins in the water, so of course we wanted to wait to see it too.  You can walk further closer to the water but it’s restricted from bikers, but the garbage men had to open the gates so they told us we can take our bikes in.  Sure enough, we saw dolphins peep out of the water just a little bit.  I’ll upload a video later, but check out my instagram vid collage in the meantime.  They didn’t come out very high so you have to be patient so you can spot them.  About half hour later, we carried on.

It was a breezy day so not too many people were out, but it was nice weather still.

We wanted to get dessert after so we tried Sinners and Saints Desserts in Venice.  I tried the tres leches cake and red velvet cupcake which were both really moist and yummy!


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