Beautiful Morning for Beach Biking & Food Adventures

Last Saturday [1.17.15] was the perfect weather for beach biking; it was maybe low 70s.  I slept over at my friend’s place the night before since she is conveniently down the street from the bike path in Marina Del Rey.  Plus, I had to see her all I can, while I can, before she moves back home.  I had to rent a bike (she has her own cheap one) so I got dropped off at the bike rental next to C&O, Venice Bike and Skates.  It’s the usual place I go at $6/ hr and since I went early enough at 10am, they actually had hand-break bikes with baskets available!  I normally don’t make it here until after lunch and all those are normally taken, so I got excited about that.  This place will also give you a lock to use for free, as long as you don’t lose it.


It took me about 15 minutes until I got to our meet up point, the corner of Figi Way & Admiralty Way.  From there, we went on my usual bike path.  We didn’t make it as far as I normally do because we wanted to eat KBBQ in Ktown afterwards, so we set a 2 hour limit for biking.  Also, I knew I had a strenuous hike the next day (be on the lookout for my Mt. Wilson post soon) so I didn’t want to kill my legs just yet.

We biked one behind the other to leave space for other bikers to pass through.  About an hour into it, I took a selfie while biking so I could check to make sure my friend was still behind me.  She wasn’t.  We both had headphones on so I couldn’t hear her (yes, yes, I know… it’s dangerous), and I had her bag with her cell phone too so that didn’t help.  I pulled over to the side and waited a good two minutes, and when I realized she really wasn’t coming, I started to worry and headed back.  I didn’t see her right away, but we did reunite soon enough.  Apparently, her tires were not fully inflated so she had more of a workout than intended.

On the way back, the chains on her bike fell out or became loose or something.  It was just not her day… but that’s what you get for shopping at Walmart 😛 (I hate Walmart).  Being the genius she is though, she figured out what was wrong with it and was able to fix it.  We were starting to think she would have to walk back!

Well, we got back and I returned my bike in two hours with four minutes to spare.  We got as far as 12-13 miles roughly.

Next stop, KBBQ!  Yes, I have been craving this.  We went to Hae Jang Chon which I’ve been to one other time for dinner a few years back.  The quality of the meat and the service here are both great.  Instead of the traditional grill you see everywhere else, they have a stone grill which I feel is more effective.  It’s one of the few kbbq places where I don’t feel like I am being ripped off for what I pay.  It was about $20/person for lunch though, which I know is kind of pricey for lunch… but it was definitely worth it!  We waited maybe 10 minutes and were seated right away.  Mmmm… I’m salivating right now just thinking about the food…… They also make a kimchi fried rice on your grill once you are done eating everything (you cannot order more meat after)… but that was pretty good too.  I’m a wuss when it comes to spicy, I can barely handle mild, but the kimchi fried rice wasn’t spicy at all.

That only took an hour to eat.  Then, we went to Cafe Concerto right across the street.  I’ve been here one other time before too, for dinner, but this time we came just for desserts.  This place is very cute.  The desserts were ok, not great.  The macaroons didn’t taste as good as the first time I had it here, and I realize now I hate the Asian souffles!  I want a real, American, light and fluffy souffle!  I have been craving one for the longest time……… x_x

All in all, we biked 2 hours and ate 2 hours.  I was terribly bloated afterwards.  I couldn’t eat the rest of the day/ night… except I managed to have shaved ice which was totally worth it!

p.s.  There is a Cafe Concerto opening in the Promenade of the Santa Anita Westfield Mall this April!

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