Best Shape of My Life… Kind Of

To start with, I did gain back to my normal weight right away.  The double digits lasted all of one night.

I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life.  I ate very healthy this week, I felt like I breezed through all of my workouts, everything is just feeling great.  I haven’t measures my bmi in awhile but I’m curious where I’m at now.  I can kind of tell my body is more toned, but that really fluctuates with how I eat.

I can tell it’s been a good workout when I’m sweating down my face and back.  Wednesday I did the Step & Strength class and then ran my mile.  It’s the fastest I have ever ran and what’s more surprising is that I didn’t feel like dying after!  When I’m eating better, I can feel the effects on my body.

However, I had the most carb-heavy meal last night.  I am actually at the airport right now, awaiting my flight to Asia.  I am going on vaca for about two weeks so I won’t be blogging then.  So I figured since I am just going to eat, get fat, and not workout over there… plus I had just finished my Insanity workout… why not indulge now?


Ok, I attempted my first green smoothie this week.  It wasn’t bad.  I added water, spinach, a banana, strawberries, and a teeny bit of avocado.  The banana was overpowering so I didn’t taste the spinach.  I’m not a big fan of dairy and I know most smoothies have a dairy-base, but water was an ok substitute.


Hmm I hope this trip doesn’t set me back too much.  I’ve been itching to go hiking again but I guess I will have to take a break from all things active for awhile…


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