Mixed Feelings on Body Pump 93

Hike Reports / Thursday, April 16th, 2015
Hello hello!  Miss me?   I know it’s been awhile, but it’s been a stressful past few weeks for me.  My phone was stolen in Vegas 🙁 so I stayed offline for a good week and had a lot of time to reflect.  I hiked Red Rock Canyon in Vegas a couple weeks ago, and did a small San Diego hike last week, but I’ll write up on those later.

So, the newest version of Body Pump launched last week and I have mixed feelings about it.

I normally do Body Pump once a week, but after realizing I felt no pain from the Monday night workout, I decided to give it another shot yesterday (Wednesday) and up-ed my weights.  Yesterday morning though… the soreness to my arms kicked in.  But I still wanted to try lifting more than just once a week, so I committed to the second Body Pump class.

I lift as light as you can possibly imagine — no joke.  I do 2.5 lbs on each side of the barbell for everything except legs.  Legs, I’ll do 5 lbs each.  Well, yesterday, I did 7.5 lbs each side for the squats warm up and it felt great.  The legs track focuses primarily on lunges though (which I hate) so I actually stuck with the small 2.5 lbs.  For my body to do a proper lunge, I can fully feel the effects of lunges with no weights.

The only other weights I went up on was the back track.  Deadlifts and rows… I can go heavier than my usual.  The clean and press exercises on the other hand… well, I think 5 lbs on each side is a good workout (my normal is 2.5 each side).  Of course, after a few sets, my body starts to struggle… but at least I feel it compared to the my normal weights.

This whole morning, my back has been so sore, so I wondered about my sleeping position last night, and then it hit me… it must have been because I worked my back and shoulders harder yesterday hehe.

The chest track was the slowest thing ever!  The triceps track was ok.  I have mixed feelings on this one too.  I hate triceps push-ups… I cannot do it and do it correctly for the dear life in me!  Yes, it’s probably because I am weak, but I died trying to do those, especially right after the tricips extensions!  Speaking of those triceps extensions, I went up on those weights too!  Normal is 2.5 lbs; upgraded to 5 lbs.  Ya, ya, still light.  But I struggled with that after a few sets…  Biceps track I’m indifferent too.  It was a little boring, but doable.  & The second to last track we did just before abs… the one with all the presses… I hated that too.  There’s too many and my body can’t handle the nonstop presses.

I’ve been doing Body Pump consistently for a year now so I guess you can say it’s time I up my weights.  I know, I know, you are probably thinking man I lift so light… truth be told, I do.  I’m not one of those girls who think that lifting will make me bulk up be all muscular, but I don’t like to lift heavier than my body tells me to; I do just enough to maintain myself.

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