Egg in a Hole

This morning, my entire body was soooooo sore when I woke up that it literally hurt to move.  That hike yesterday really kicked my butt… but I really wanted to make breakfast so I managed to drag my body out of bed.  Here’s another KISS recipe:

Egg in the hole/ eggs in a basket/ toad in the hole.

Attempted this for the first time this morning.  Fast and easy.  Enjoy! 🙂


  • Oil or butter
  • Toast
  • Egg
  • Salt
    …very simple right?


  • Cut hole in bread
  • Heat up bread on medium heat until one side is a little toasted.  Make sure you heat up oil or butter on the pan first.  I used olive oil, but all other recipe will tell you to use butter which is probably better… I just didn’t have any.
  • Add egg in the hole. (I scrambled my eggs ahead of time with salt, but the more conventional way is to crack your whole egg onto the pan)
  • Heat for maybe a minute or two. Flip. Let it sit. & flap back until it’s cooked as desired. (I like more well-done/ brown)😛


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