First Monday Workout of 2015: BodyPump 92 + Yoga

Body Pump 92:  I love BP.  We started a new routine yesterday……… & I hate it.  The only thing I liked was the warm-up squats.  Everything has the same combo, quick transitions and not enough time for my little muscles to break.  I’m not muscular at all, whatsoever.  I try to stay toned, but considering my body fat percentage isn’t too high to start with, it doesn’t take much.  A bunch of light, repetitive weights will do the trick.  I can’t lift a lot… especially in my arms… and damn… those chest presses, biceps and triceps exercises killed me.  My arms need time to recuperate!  Hehe. 😛  I can handle BodyPump 89, 90, and 91… but damn… I died.  I think 89 was my favorite so far.  I don’t like 92… but I’m going to keep at it, and hopefully, I will learn to love it.

Yoga…… was an epic fail. Haha.  I told myself this is going to be the year I commit to yoga and improve my balance/ flexibility, but I have to commit to it weekly to catch on (ideally, daily would be better, but I don’t have the time for that).  It was so much harder than I remembered.  I hate leaving classes during the middle cause it’s just straight up rude, but it was late, I was dying, and I left 30 mins through.  I think I was in child’s pose for at least 20 of those minutes.  It was pretty bad… I hate yoga… I lack the strength and patience for it… I don’t look graceful at all… but mark my words… come 2016, I’m going to be somewhat decent at yoga!

Ok, I just realized what a negative post this was.  Pretty sad for my first workout of the year.  But I’m excited to conquer both!  & Today is pole day, so I’m kinda excited about that too.  Happy Tuesday! 🙂

Pole day

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