Hermit Falls Trail Last Week

So I finally got around to starting the blog I’ve been wanting to for months now.  I guess I’ll start with my hike from last week.

My roomy & I ended up going to Hermit Falls last Sunday (6/29/14). We originally planned to go to the Bridge to Nowhere but of course we didn’t make it after coming home at 2:30 am.  I’ve done the Hermit Falls Trail in the Santa Anita Mountains before, so I had no desire to do the cliff dive again, also cause I wasn’t wearing a very supportive swimsuit.

Well to start, we got there around noon.  Parking was a b*tch at this time obviously.  It must have taken us a good 40 mins to get a spot in the lot.  Since I drove, I didn’t want to risk parking my car along the mountain where rocks & other crap may fall on it.  Anyways, as we were pulling into the spot, this thing flew into the car and Leonie started to scream – totally freaked me out.  She yelled there’s a bee in the car so of course, I panicked as well, stopped the car and ran out w/ her.  Turns out, it was just a big wasp.

We bought the action pass parking pass for $5 and off to the trail we went!  The pavement trail that leads to the Hermit Falls & I think Sturtevant Falls trail wasn’t long.  Going down was easy; coming back up was a pain.  This trail descends all the way to the water at the end, but the way back is going uphill the entire time so it definitely used more energy.  Good booty workout though. =P  This trail was 1.3 miles each way, so 2.6 miles round trip plus the pavement part so maybe 3 miles total.  Pretty short and easy.  Mostly shady.  Plus there’s the cliff jump at the end for any adventure-seekers out there.  Good for a chill Sunday Funday.

So when we finally finished everything and got back home, we realized she left our shoes there. Drove all the way back up the annoyingly windy mountain and ta-da, our shoes were still there! Yay!  I guess I wouldn’t want to steal someone else’s gross hiking shoes either anyways.

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