Hiking FAILed & Pole Inversions University

Uncategorized / Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Last Thursday & Saturday I really wanted to go hiking, but since I supposed to go on Sunday, I figured I’ll just wait and not exhaust myself. Little did I know, my plans backfired all because the weather decided to FINALLY rain in California.

Of all the days, it had to be the day I actually planned to go hiking. I was really excited too! It’s been awhile and I found a trail I was looking forward to. I did check the weather ahead of time but the last few times I’ve checked it, the forecast had been wrong and it didn’t end up raining. 10 minutes before I arrived at my friend’s place in west LA…. It started to rain.  Just my luck.

IMG_2267 copy IMG_2268 copyAnyways, my friend and I still went to brunch as planned.  We decided to eat first and see if the weather was any better after.  I’ve been craving Blu Jam Cafe so we went to the one in Sherman Oaks.  I order the same thing every time but I love it- steak hash and crunchy French toast.  I strongly recommend it if you are ever looking for a brunch spot in LA.

The rain got lighter after we finished eating but had not stopped, so we decided it’s best to drive back.  As we were on the road, we realized we’re driving towards sunshine and all of a sudden… No more rain!  We decided to hike the same little hill I’m always at- Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook in Culver City.

It drizzled a little here & there, but it was beautiful weather to do IMG_2271 copysomething active.  It was freezing at first, but of course we warmed up right away with all those steps.  We did three rounds- stairs up, trail down.  I haven’t seen this hill in the daylight in awhile and I never saw it with a cloudy forecast, so it was still nice and different.

This wasn’t the adventurous hike I craved… But given the weather… It’ll suffice… For now.

After the stairs, I went to pole.  The studio I go to has an Inversions University class on Sundays which I never make it to, but since I was in the area, I went for it.  I was nervous because I’m unable to invert properly (going upside down the pole).  The proper way is to lift your knees up, spread your legs open, and then hook it up to the pole.  Beginners way…. I kick my leg up and hook it to the pole.  It works almost the same, just not as pretty.  I learned the jasmine move and butterfly move.  The butterfly move is similar (if not the same) as one I learned a few months back, except this one was in the air and quite easier frankly.


p.s.  I’m realizing I use the word “nice” a lot, not for the lack of a better synonym but there’s just simplicity, pleasantness and awe to the meaning… at least to me.

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