Hydrobiking in Marina Del Rey

Last Sat [10.4.14] my roomy & I planned to do brunch and go biking again back at the strand in wla (see previous post from August).  I was checking out Groupon for some bike rental deals and came across hydrobiking.  She’s always down to try new and different things so we gave that a go.

So we started the day with brunch at Beach Restaurant in Marina Del Rey.  It was my roomy and me, along with my twin and a friend.  The restaurant itself was nice and even though it was a super hot day, we opt for the nice outdoor patio seating.  The food was just mediocre to me.  Nothing special about it.  I shared the custard french toast and a breakfast plate.

The place we rented from was called Marina Paddle.  It’s actually along the bike path we took awhile ago.  The groupon offer was $15 for one hour, and you can get the same deal just walking in without purchasing it ahead of time, so that’s what we did.  So of course I struggled with the hydrobike at first;  I couldn’t quite maneuver it.  There’s a fine line between turning and stopping.  I was afraid to turn too much so when I tilted just a little bit, I didn’t actually turn.  They suggested I drive it like a car in terms of turning, reversing, etc., and eventually I got the hang of it.  I was looking forward to a good workout from biking this weekend but this wasn’t a lot of exercise.  Of course the faster you go, the more you feel it, but the activity was overall more fun than exercise.  & we got to see sea lions!

Selfie stick!  Twinny has a selfie stick so it was the first time I really played with it.  I was really paranoid about holding my phone over the water with the stick though, but we found a dock along the water we were able to hold it over.  Check out all of our unfiltered selfies and the angles we missed hehe… I love the way the water sparkles. =)

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