I’m Back!

…Miss me?

I came home a couple days ago and finally made it back to the gym last night for Step & Strength.  I feel very……… flubbery.  All I did on my trip was EAT! x_x  Even worse… all I ate was CARBS!  I stayed at the W Hotel in Taipei with my dad for the last two nights of my trip, so I had access to a gym there, but in all honesty, I was out of shape and just walked my mile, did some ab workouts and stretched.  I’m relatively “skinny” still, I know that even though I complain I’m fat… when I say I’m fat, it is in comparison to my past self.  But I lost all definition and all my hard work to get toned went out the window… 🙁

I miss pole.  My class was full this week so I messed around with my pole at home, but I kind of forgot how to do tricks and stuff… the struggle….  I write down most moves I learn from class so I had to refer back to that.  Here’s my attempted Invert to Gemini move to Scorpio move.  I think it went well… except my arms… I couldn’t remember what to do with it until after.  Note to self:  Gemini, both arms are stuck out and back a little; Scorpio, arm should be directly straight out.  

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about my Asia trip!

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