International Women’s Day 2019

Hike Reports / Friday, March 8th, 2019
7 women to follow on Instagram 👭👭👭👇

The 2019 International Women’s Day campaign theme is #BalanceforBetter and the question they ask is how can you help forge a more gender-balanced world?

I woke up this morning feeling inspired to write about something besides my usual adventures. Personally, I think we should celebrate women’s achievements everyday, but since there’s a designated day for it, I want to share some of the outdoor, adventure-loving women of social media who’ve inspired me to go someplace new, always say yes to an adventure, taught me a life lesson, or simply inspired me in one way or another. I’ve been going through a lot of self-reflection in the last several months and these bad@$$ women have all contributed to my self-growth (in no particular order).

Vanessa @hey.vanessa.renee

This girl inspires me in so many ways, I don’t even know where to start. I admire that she had the courage to step out of her comfort zone (I was the first person online she met IRL) which has inspired me to step outside mine… and dip into any backcountry alpine lakes we visit. She’s always down for any adventure… even in thunderstorms, snow storms, or a ridiculously long road trip just to sightsee and try off-roading in her awd… (lesson learned).

But what I admire most about her as of recently, which I don’t think I’ve fully expressed to her, is the steps she’s taken in her personal life to better herself. It’s personal so I’m not going to dive into it, but she wrote a blog recently about her journey and finding happiness which I’ll link here for you. Also, she took a 2 month break from all things social media which I strongly applaud her for.

Megan @megkkee

If you don’t know it by now, Megan is the one-woman powerhouse behind @mountaingirls and a mama! As of lately, they’ve been partnering with so many amazing businesses to provide giveaway opportunities to the outdoors community which is so awesome! But what actually inspires me most about Megan is her extremely positive, uplifting, encouraging, “can-do” attitude.

The first time I met her, we spent 5 days together in Utah on a campaign that involved a lot of activities I wasn’t familiar with (mountain biking, rock climbing, SUP) and at the end of it, she pointed out to me that I say “I can’t” a lot. She’s inspired me to start saying “I’ll try” because why not?! We can do anything we put our minds to if we only try… maybe we’ll fail at first, but that’s ok. Plus, who really perfects something on their first attempt?

Janelle @destinationdame

I only very recently met Janelle two weeks ago and I’m excited to hike with her again tomorrow! She lives life on the weekends anywhere away from home and that’s something I really admire. She’s helped me realize that I’m outdoors almost as much as she is, not only because I’m addicted to the mountains and the roads that lead me to them, but also… why would I want to spend my free time as a couch potato? Her photos are absolutely incredible and she has inspired me to brave the cold, not be lazy, and start waking up more for sunrises! I may not be able to capture the moment on a lens, but to witness that first light in person is truly a special way to start the day.

Emily @hikingwithheels

This girl has taught me it’s ok to be struggling hard with life. We all have to find the balance between the adult life and the adventure life at any age, and she’s the perfect example of taking life day by day… and that it’s ok to enjoy any time off you have and not beat yourself up about it while you are trying to figure things out.

Chelsea @chelseakauai

I absolutely love following Chelsea’s adventures, whether it’s traveling internationally or just home in Hawaii. She’s got a very sweet charm to her and is excited about the littlest things in nature which constantly reminds me to appreciate all those little things as well, such as a sunset every day should not be taken for granted. I haven’t met this girl but she seems like a genuine, kind human being and is very open to sharing her knowledge and will give you a serious case of wanderlust. Plus, she’s a huge advocate for all things wildlife and we need more people like that on this Earth.

Andrea @Vagabondhearts

I follow a lot of “bigger” influencers who inspire me to get outside more and this girl is one of them. I don’t know much about her personally, but she shares a lot about her experiences on her IG stories and has even responded when I seek advice through DMs which we all know not every bigger influencer will do. Sometimes it’s hard to look at an account with a large following and perfect photos and think you can relate to the human being behind all that, but Andrea definitely lets her goofy side shine through as well.


This isn’t one person, but a female organization instead. In full disclosure, I am a moderator for the LA group (a bit more inactive these days) so maybe I’m biased towards it. This particular group is special to me because it’s where I was able to find my first all-girls group hike that I was comfortable enough to make the effort for. I’ve always just hiked with one male partner so this helped open up the opportunities of new hiking partners. They have a private FB group which allows members to conversate and plan meet ups, but GirlsWhoHike has always been about the group as a whole and keeping a positive community for female hikers of all levels to share their experiences, seek advice, and hike together.

I hope these women can add some inspiration to your life as well, but I’d love to hear from you. Who inspires you and to what capacity? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading 🙂

**all photo credit belongs to the IG handle I tagged, not me

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