I’ve Officially Hit the Double Digits… & Not On Purpose

Here comes the words no girl wants to ever talk about… her weight.  But I am an open book (except with the actual weight number) and you know me by now… I speak and write with no filter.  Plus, I want to log this entry for myself.  Before I get into it, I need you to understand my physical shape this week, as it has been a different week than my norm.I was amazed when I stepped on the scale after my workout today.  Since I climbed Mt. Wilson this weekend, I have been too sore to workout.

  • I still did BodyPump on Monday and was able to do most of it.  I skipped the lunges cause my calves ached from the hike, and I didn’t do full squats either, but everything else was ok.
  • On Tuesday, I was so excited for pole, but I didn’t realize the soreness would get in my way. You start most pole moves on your tippy toes if you don’t wear shoes, and I don’t wear shoes.  The stretch on my calves hurt too much that I spent most of class just tip toeing up and down to stretch.  It did not help that the moves we learned (specifically, the side climb) required strength of the legs on the pole, so ya, pole was a fail too.
  • On Wed, I left my Step & Strength class early… really early… right after the warm up and part one of three.  That’s pretty bad for me.  I feel rude leaving classes in the middle… especially this one since my instructor knows me by now.  Trevor called me out on it, but I just said I was too sore to stay… which was true; you step up and off the throughout the class and I literally just stepped in place cause it hurt.  There was no point for me to stay; every week we focus on a different muscle group and I forgot this week was leg day!  I did manage to run a mile after I left though.  So, as you can see… I barely worked out this week.  I haven’t been eating well, but I haven’t been eating bad… except I had a lot of boba this week… with pudding.  Now that is bad.
  • & That brings us to today… Thursday.

On Monday evening, I weighted on the heavier side of my usual (maybe by 1-2 lbs more).  I assume this was due to all the muscles in my legs and back from the hike.  Yesterday, I weighted about my usual before I ran the mile.  Today, I stepped on the scale right when I got to the gym.  I weighted about 3-4 lbs less than my usual… and that’s a lot for me.  I did Insanity and ran a mile after.  I stepped on the scale again before I left the gym, and keeping in mind I did not eat dinner yet (dinner tends to add about 3-5 lbs on me), I fell into the double digits.  Now, you never ask a girl how much she weights, but I don’t want you guys thinking I’m that light either, so I will say I’m just under 100.  I just ate dinner though so I’m sure I’m back in the triple digits.  So even if the double digits only last for an hour or two, that’s fine.  I’m surprised I got there at all.  I haven’t been that light since junior high or younger.

Since I didn’t lift weights much this week and my belly is still somewhat bloated, I sense I lost weight due to losing muscle mass, not fat.  However, I started running my one mile runs again, only on days that I make it to the gym.  I think the mile runs may be playing a role in my weight loss too.  A lot of my friends have been telling me lately I’m skinny, maybe even too skinny, but I really don’t see it.  Maybe it is cause I see myself everyday that I do not notice.  But comparing my pictures from now and a few months ago, I still don’t see it.

Some people have even asked me why am I trying to lose weight, but I never once said I want to lose weight.  This whole journey for me has been about getting toned and being healthier.  I love eating.  I am a fat kid at heart and it sucks to cut back on a lot of things (although in all honesty, I cheat and indulge a lot more than I should), but I do see the effects of eating better within my body.  Again, I don’t see the effects physically, but I feel it.  I feel lighter when I eat right.  I don’t feel sluggish.  I feel more energetic.  & When I cheat and eat greasy food, processed food, junk food, or boba, I definitely feel it in my body right away.  I’m not 18 years old anymore… I can’t eat the way I did and not work out and get away with a skinny body.  Alright, enough ranting for now.  Let me leave you with one last note though:  I strongly believe in eating in moderation.  So if you’re going to indulge in something you shouldn’t, that’s perfectly fine… just eat in moderation.  & balance it out with a healthy meal/ snack.

Thanks for listening. 🙂

p.s.  Ladies, I’ve found the trick to bounce-free boobs for a cardio workout… double up on the sports bra!!  I read about it awhile ago but never tried it until today.  It was effective enough that I’ll do it again.  Wear one with a wire, and a snugger one underneath without.

1 thought on “I’ve Officially Hit the Double Digits… & Not On Purpose”

  1. Hey Tiff i agree with the part about not wanting to lose weight for the hell of it but eating healthy and exercising and losing weight as a result…I think too many girls/women lose weight now for the wrong reasons. Being a guy, I understand why they may want to since the society pressures them but they shouldn’t starve themselves over it.
    Don’t want to sound like a creep or anything, but I used to follow you and your sister on Myspace back in my teenage years hehe and I always thought you guys were super fit. I also follow your sis on IG and happened to stumble upon your blog and now enjoy reading it from time to time at work…
    I appreciate your commitment to staying in shape for health reasons and I should really get my fiance to follow your blog as well so she can have a little more interest for staying fit..at the moment she just enjoys eating junk food and watching tv lol…but i don’t want her lose weight for the heck of it but to feel healthier and more active…
    Have a nice weekend.

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