La Quinta Cove Hike, Palm Springs

My friend rented a house in Palm Springs for his birthday the weekend of Mother’s Day, so Saturday [5.9.15], we drove out to shop, BBQ, play games, chill, and of course hike.  The house was less than a mile from the trails… I had to… the mountains were calling me. 😛

We walked to the top of the cove which is basically the La Quinta trails in Palm Springs area.  There are several trails here and I like that they are all color coded, it makes it easier to find the trail on markers.  We did the Cove to Lake Trail but with this California drought, of course there is no water.  We hiked 4.79 miles, including the 5 minute walk over, started just before 5 pm, and got back in just under two hours.  There was not much elevation to this hike… except when we followed the person in front of us and went that wrong way.  The trail was very wide, well-maintained, flat, and dirt.  Even though it was evening, it was a really warm day.  I guess being out in the desert doesn’t help.

Pictures are in random order.

Never stop exploring. <3

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