Memorial Day Hike: Claremont Wilderness

IMG_3046 copyWell my birthday was Memorial Day weekend last month. I went to Vegas and made it back by that Sunday, just in time for a hike Memorial Day morning.

I went with my friend to a moderate trail, but on the easier size — Claremont Wilderness Trail. I guess I’m just used to the strenuous peaks now so everything in comparison is easy. Don’t get me wrong, I still lack endurance and I’m huffing and puffing at the beginning of every hike, but after I get going, the whole things seems more like a nature walk than an actual hike.

You have to pay for a parking at the kiosk thing but the man who’s spot we took was nice enough to give us his parking pass, as another man did for him before us as well.  The trail is a loop and we started left towards Burbank Canyon on Burbank Motorway, continued right onto Johnson Pasture Rd,  then Cobal Canyon Fire Trail, and came down on Cobal Canyon Motorway.  This trail was very crowded, the weather was beautiful and cloudy, and the view was nice.  I always like to explore the small, path-less-traveled trails, so we took a lot of mini detours.  One of them was very steep actually, but short, that led us to an open top.  Overall though, the trail is very easy for any one looking to do a not-so-hard hike.  Good for a stroll to get your body working.

Hike summary:

⊗ Trail:  Claremont Wilderness Trail
⊗ Distance:  6.19 miles
⊗ Time:  2 hrs 17 mins
⊗ Elevation Gain:  837 ft (max: 2447 ft)
⊗ Difficulty Level: easy-moderate… you can do it.  

Never stop exploring.

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  1. Michael alonzo

    Omg i.just love this trail. Ive done etiwanda trail off day creek but not into that whole Rocky feeling. But montclairs trail is awesome. I come here every day. And i have to say i love it every time i come..

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