San Francisco Day I: Lands End

Hike Reports / Thursday, December 18th, 2014

I just have to say I had the worst two hour delay last Saturday morning [12.13.14] with Virgin America, due to the Pineapple Express storm which brought on a thick fog layer over SFO… but I just want to focus on the highlights of my trip.

This was only a weekend trip, but it made me like San Francisco so much more!  One of my best guy friends that I don’t really keep in touch with anymore lives in the city.  I have been telling him I will visit him before the end of the year…….. for at least the last two years.  Well, I finally made it up there!

I have been itching to go hiking so I found a trail called Lands End.  Because of the Pineapple Express last Thursday though (I heard it hit SF a lot worse than LA), we couldn’t hike.  But he still took me to the Lands End Lookout.  The Cliffhouse is there which I guess is well known, but I didn’t care for it and focused on the nature.  It overlooks the “beach,” the sutro baths ruins and also features these beautiful tall trees, a partial view of the Golden Gate Bridge in the back, and a cave.  The cave is short but was too wet to go fully through.  I know everyone says that Twin Peaks is a very nice view of San Francisco, and I know there are so much other views which I have not seen yet, but Lands End is definitely my favorite view so far.  I just wish we were able to hike it.

The rest of the day, I just spent in traffic, getting boba, playing with my friend’s adorable morkie Rex (maltese yorkie), and bar hopped. There was this event called Santa Con where people dress up like santa and bar hop all day.  We didn’t participate but I sure did see a lot of santas running around drunk in the city.

*brace yourself for a lot of Rex pictures*

If you are reading this Rich, it was great seeing you and thanks for hosting! =)
…………& you thought I wouldn’t make it *proud face, pats self on back*

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