Sneak Peek of Mount Wilson Hike Today

Hike Reports, LA / SoCal Trails / Sunday, January 18th, 2015

Today was a great day!  I conquered Mount Wilson!!  This is the toughest hike I’ve done to date & I’m actually proud of myself… I definitely underestimated this hike.  The view at the top wasn’t thattttt great but check out a preview w/ some pictures.

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Happy Sunday!

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3 Replies to “Sneak Peek of Mount Wilson Hike Today”

  1. well done tiff..i am envious that you can go for a hike for 8 hours in January in shorts and a tanktop. I live in Toronto, Canada where I can’t walk outside for 5 minutes with 3 layers hehe..anyways well done again..

    1. Haha thanks. California weather… gotta love it. Although this was actually the coldest winter we have had in years, but it is finally warming up again. I hear Canada has a lot of pretty mountains to hike though, so at least you have that!

  2. Well we do have mountains but they are mostly on the western side of Canada…Vancouver and Alberta side…I have actually never been but i hear they are beautiful…i should really go one day hehe..

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