Sneak Peek of Mount Wilson Hike Today

Today was a great day!  I conquered Mount Wilson!!  This is the toughest hike I’ve done to date & I’m actually proud of myself… I definitely underestimated this hike.  The view at the top wasn’t thattttt great but check out a preview w/ some pictures.

3 thoughts on “Sneak Peek of Mount Wilson Hike Today”

  1. well done tiff..i am envious that you can go for a hike for 8 hours in January in shorts and a tanktop. I live in Toronto, Canada where I can’t walk outside for 5 minutes with 3 layers hehe..anyways well done again..

  2. Well we do have mountains but they are mostly on the western side of Canada…Vancouver and Alberta side…I have actually never been but i hear they are beautiful…i should really go one day hehe..

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