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South Canyon Hot Springs: Natural Hot Springs in Colorado

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South Canyon Hot Spring, sometimes known as Hippy Hot Spring, is one of the best and easiest to access natural hot springs in Colorado.

I’m a hot spring aficionado — I love a good hot soak with stunning mountain view. After a lot of research, there aren’t too many natural hot springs in Colorado that pique my interest, but this one has been on my bucket list for awhile and I’d recommend checking it out

There are so many hot spring resorts in Colorado that are well-maintained with killer views, but this one is free.

South Canyon Hot Spring Directions

This natural hot spring is conveniently located one mile off exit 111 on i70 in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Drive for 1 mile south on hwy 134 and there is a pull-out parking lot for the hot spring. Google map here.

Getting to South Canyon Hot Springs: Free Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs

You cannot see the hot springs from the parking lot, but it’s a very short walk to reach the hot springs — like a 2 minute walk.

When you park, you will see the obvious trail that leads to it. Start walking down that dirt path (which can be extremely muddy after rain and snow) and you will cross the steps over the river (South Canyon Creek).

The hot springs are just on top of that hill in front of you.

Once you reach the hot springs, there are two main pool but they may not both be filled. When I went on March 6, 2024, the second pool was empty.

The larger pool fits a lot of people and has stunning mountain views. I’d guess that the main part of the pool is about 104º —it’s hot-ish, but could definitely be hotter. However, if you head towards the smaller end tucked away where the source comes from, it gets really hot there which is perfect for me. Just be careful of the rocks in the water that block off that passage way to help retain the hotter water section.

Beware that this is a natural hot spring and is clothing optional, so you may see some nudes but feel free to wear a swimsuit if you’re shy.

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What to Pack for a Hot Spring

  • Pro Tip: pack a bathrobe for hot springs with short walks. It’s easier when you’re wet coming out.
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FAQ: Natural Hot Springs in Colorado

Do we have hot springs in Colorado?

Yes. there are so many hot springs in Colorado, both paid resorts and rugged and free.

Are there free hot springs in Glenwood Springs?

There are a few free hot springs near Glenwood Springs. South Canyon Hot Springs is the closest to town but Penny Hot Springs is about 30 mins south. 

How hot are the Glenwood hot springs?

The temperatures can range in hot springs. The pools at the Glenwood Hot Springs resort are cooled down to temps of 90º – 104ºF. However, the main pool at this free hot spring in Colorado gets hotter than that near the source. I did not measure it, but I’d guess 109º ish.

Fun Fact: The Consumer Products Safety Commission advisory said that heat strokes could be caused by water temps of 106ºF+ so that’s why hot tubs max out at 104.

Glenwood Springs Hotels

  • Budget-friendly: Glenwood Springs Inn — convenient location to hot springs and caverns.
  • Moderate: Best Western Antlers — A standard 3-star hotel but Best Westerns are always cleaner and nicer.
  • Luxury: Hotel Colorado A historic, sustainable, and luxury hotel for your visit to Glenwood Springs. Fun fact: Presidents Roosevelt, Taft, and Hoover have all visited here!
  • Hot Springs Hotel: Glenwood Hot Springs Resort — this hotel has the largest geothermal hot springs pool in the area and is conveniently located off I-70.

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