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My Favorite Gear from the REI Memorial Day Sale 2021

Camping & hiking season is here and so are the sales! REI has its annual sale from May 21-31 and I’ve put together a guide of some of my favorite gear that’s on sale now. I’ve been hiking/ backpacking/ camping for 6-7 years and only recommend the gear I personally use and love! **This post […]

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Snow Hiking Basic Safety Guidelines

Pack list for beginner snow hikers (day hikes only) + basic safety tips If you’re new to snow hiking and not sure where to start… we’ve all been there. The two questions I got the most from snow hikes are: wasn’t it cold & did you have microspikes… so I’ve prepared a winter day hike […]

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Packing for Patagonia

Patagonia is a bit of a longer trip and I always thought I would need to pack a lot, but I really didn’t need much. If you haven’t already checked out my blog post from my 16-day trip to Patagonia on both the Chile and Argentina side, you can read about it here. As requested, […]

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Tiff’s Personal Backpacking List

If you read my previous backpacking guide post, here’s my personal gear list I use.  I love my gear and I love gear shopping and researching so I’d highly recommend the products I use… amongst so many others of course 🙂 I’m always open to new product recommendations so if you have anything really awesome […]

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Beginners Backpacking Guide – Tips & Gear

**Disclaimer:  This is a beginner’s backpacking guide according to MY EXPERIENCE AND OPINION.  I’m no expert – I’ve only been backpacking since summer 2015 but I want to share what I’ve learned for anyone else looking to transition from day hiking to overnight backpacking. This guide is to help you get started with planning and […]

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