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Chasing Hot Springs on the Colorado River in Nevada & Arizona

VISIT: 5 Natural Hot Spring + Emerald Cave Option LOCATION: Colorado River between Hoover Dam and Willow Beach (NV/AZ) TIME: half-full day (7 hrs for me, depending how long you spend at the springs) DATE I WENT: 2/23/21 BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring When I think of the desert and the Colorado River, hot springs […]

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3 Hikes in Lake Arrowhead: Plan a Weekend Getaway

TRIP DATES: November 13-15, 2020 LOCATION: San Bernardino Mountains (Crestline/ Lake Arrowhead) CAMP: Thousand Pines via Campspot HIKES: Hot Spring, Heart Rock, & Pinnacles National Take a Hike Day 2020 There are 60k+ trails in the National Trail System and with the convenience of a cabin near Lake Arrowhead this past weekend, I got to […]

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