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Ice Climbing in Ouray, Colorado

My first-time ice climbing and the struggles with a fear of heights TRIP OBJECTIVE: Learn to ice climb LOCATION: Ouray Ice Park, Colorado TRIP DATES: Jan 15-19, 2021 CLIMBING DATES: Jan 16 & 17 PHOTOS IN COLLAB WITH: Chris Brinlee Jr This month, my friend and I drove out to Colorado to try ice climbing […]

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Arizona/ Sedona Road Trip: Trails, Camps, & Things to See

Last Thanksgiving, I took a week-long road trip to explore Arizona and discovered there’s much more variety than just the desert. They have canyons, red rocks, mountains, turquoise blue-green colored streams, milky blue colored rivers, arches, waterfalls, and so much more! Some days, we drove a lot and saw very little, but every day was […]

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