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Hike Reports LA / SoCal Trails

Hike Strawberry Peak via Mountaineer’s Route

HIKE TO: Strawberry Peak TRAIL: Mountaineer’s Route from Colby Canyon MILES: 6.46 miles out and back TIME: 2:47 hrs up, 2:17 hrs down DATE I WENT: 12/20/20 DIFFICULTY: moderate ELEVATION: 6165ft ELEVATION GAIN: 2684 ft PARKING PERMIT: yes LOCATION: Angeles National Forest Strawberry Peak’s Mountaineer’s Route is considered a class 2-3 climb, meaning it’s a […]

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Hike Reports LA / SoCal Trails

Snow Hike to Smith Mountain Saddle

HIKE TO: Smith Saddle (the saddle before Smith Mountain) TRAIL: Upper Bear Creek Trail MILES: 5.98 mi TIME: 4:05 hr total time, 3:18 hr moving time DATE I WENT: 11/30/19 DIFFICULTY: easy  ELEVATION: 4291 ft  ELEVATION GAIN/ LOSS: 982 ft  HIKE PERMIT: no LOCATION: San Gabriel Mountains in Angeles National Forest, California This past Thanksgiving […]

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