Thanksgiving Deals: Shop Tiff’s Favorite Gears

Sales for Black Friday + Cyber Monday & the Whole Shabang!

I was going to put these all up on my IG stories but I thought it would be easier to just list some of my favorite gear that is on sale this weekend in a blog post with a quick review of why I like it so much! I only listed my go-to gear that I 100% love and it’s the only one of its kind I have (I have a lot of down jackets and leggings that I love so I didn’t list those, but I may create a separate blog post for that – let me know in the comments below if you’re interested in that)

This is not a sponsored post but I did include some affiliate links so if you find something you like, do a girl a solid and shop through my link simply by clicking it.

PS this is a temporary post just for the holidays that I may remove next week.


Garmin InReach Mini

I’ve never tried the full size Inreach so I can’t compare to that, but I will say that I absolutely love this little GPS device and it gives me added peace of mind when I’m in the backcountry, especially now that the colder season is upon us and weather conditions can be harsher/ more unpredictable. One of my favorite things about the Garmin Inreach Mini is actually the weather feature – you can fetch the current weather report from anywhere you’re at and at any elevation, as long as you have a clear view of the sky. This has definitely helped me a ton in terms of figuring out the WIND on my trips

It only weighs 3.5 oz and is ON SALE for $75 OFF + free shipping

Garmin Fenix 5S Plus

The new Fenix 6 series was just released this year and I absolutely love it but I do find myself wearing my Fenix 5S Plus on a more regular basis and it’s also more affordable. It’s great for tracking my hikes and to be able to see all the stats after, including the elevation profile, max temps, and of course distance, maps all the nitty-gritty little details.

ON SALE for $150 OFF + free shipping


Water Filter: Katadyn BeFree 1.0L

This has been one of my favorite gears I found since last year and all my friends who have seen me use it ended up getting one too! It’s super convenient, packable, affordable and perfect for backpacking! I have the 1 liter (33.8 fl oz) version and would recommend this. You can drink straight from the water filter so if you ever forget a bottle, you’d be covered!

ON SALE for $39.70 + free shipping; normally $44.95

Tent: Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL2

This has been my go-to tent since I started backpacking a few years ago. I’ve always had a 2 person tent (even when I often sleep alone in the backcountry) because it barely weighs much more to get a 2 person rather than 1 person tent, and the total weight is only around 2 lbs so it’s ultralight and I have no problem carrying it all on my own. The added space is also nice with this 1 door design.

I’m recently testing out a couple of other tents from Big Agnes which I’m very excited about if you’ve followed my IG stories lately but I haven’t used them enough to give a proper review yet. I’d highly recommend this tent though for anyone who wants to cut weight on their backpacking tents! Also, they renamed this tent on REI’s website to be a “bikepack” tent but it’s the same tent I’ve always used.

ON SALE for $284.89 + free shipping; normally #380

Packraft: Kokopelli Rogue Lite

This is a new thing for me this year which I’m incorporating into some of my adventures. I’ve wanted a packraft for a few years and absolutely love that it allows me to explore the outdoors in a way I never could have before. You can read about my experience with my first time packrafting here if this is something you’re considering, but I’ll tell you now – it’s a game-changer for exploring alpine lakes! it’s a bit pricey but they’re having a sale!! I also have a discount code which I’m not sure if it

ON SALE for 25% OFF – sale ends MONDAY DEC 2!
My Rogue Lite is now $618, normally $825


Favorite Midlayer Fleece: Adidas Terrex Stockhorn

Aside from my down and insulating jackets, this is the jacket I wear the most and also the only fleece mid-layer I currently wear. After freezing my butt off in Bryce 3 years ago on Thanksgiving weekend, I was determined to find a good fleece layer and I was actually looking at a different brand but this one surprised me by how warm and affordable it was.

ON SALE for $64.50 + free shipping; normally $129

Arcteryx Atom LT Insulated Hoodie

This is my only insulating synthetic jacket and I absolutely love it! It’s the bright purple jacket you’ve probably seen me wear a million times. It’s actually really warm and I love that there’s an inside pocket! It doesn’t pack as small as some of my down jackets, but it’s still very compact and easy to wash. I only wish that the length was a teeny bit longer all around…

ON SALE for 25 – 30% OFF (depending on color) = $180 – $194 + free shipping; normally $259


Water shoes: Adidas Terrex Voyager

I know it’s not the right season for water shoes, but it’s on sale now so you can get ready for next year! Read my review here.

ON SALE for $70 + free shipping; normally $100

Ultralight Hiking Boots: Adidas Terrex GTX Surround

The shoe version of my favorite ultralight (mid) boots is on sale! Read my review here.

ON SALE for $119 + free shipping; normally $170

Casual Hiking Boots: Terrex Free Hiker

I call these my casual hiking boots because I see it as a hybrid of regular city shoes/ trail shoes. I LOVE the ultra boost technology on the soles (you’re literally walking on a cushion) and it has a sock-like feature that wraps around your ankles (like how many Nikes/Adidas workout shoes are designed these days). It’s durable, but it’s not something I’d wear on a longer hike just because I feel like I already have a more durable pair of ultralight boots that are built for the rugged trails. I think this is a great option for anyone that enjoys hiking on more even terrain and city hikes, maybe someone just getting into hiking or have sensitive feet and really prefers a comfortable sole.

My color is ON SALE for $140 + free shipping; normally $200.
There’s a cuter multi-color version ON SALE for $100!
These are the non-waterproof versions. The Gortex versions are ON SALE for $170, normally $250.

Happy Thanksgiving and Shopping!

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