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Dashed Trail

The hike starts at 11,460 ft. on a flat boardwalk and finishes at 14,065 ft. with a class 2 hike through boulders.

You can see the summit through the entire hike and there is only one creek crossing in the first mile of the hike.

Creek Crossing

Dashed Trail

Majestic mountain goats rule this area but if you keep a safe distance, you should be fine. It's actually really cool to see.

The last quarter-mile is an easy class 2 hike through boulders; there's a worn trail you can follow to the summit.

Class 2 Hiking

3.75 miles one-way with 2,430 ft of elevation gain to the summit. This should take you about two hours.

Enjoy the summit views then go back down the same way.

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