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Experience the Himalayas

By Tiffany @followtiffsjourney 2023

nepal travel guide

The Himalaya Mountains in Nepal is a dream destination for adventure travelers, and it's more accessible than you may think.

It's the home of Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world, but also many other incredible & more climbable 6000m peaks.

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The first stop

Entrance to the Khumbu

sagarmatha national park

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Trekking in the famed Khumbu region is a must-do for anyone visiting Nepal for the first time. The hike starts lower in the valleys along gorgeous turquise lakes.

Crosses many suspension bridges including the Hillary Suspension Bridge

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And climbs up some stunning mountains to see the most spectacular views in the world

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Trek through Sherpa history and see the mani stones of Buddhists, monasteries, teahouses, yaks, suspension bridges, and a wide range of landscape.

the journey in-between

Experience the Sherpa villages as you hike from one to the next.

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The next stop

sleep & eat in tea houses

So many YAKS!

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Are you ready to plan the trip of a lifetime?

Experience the magic of the Himalayas on a 17-day trip this Fall, 2023

Climb a beginner-friendly 6,000m peak. 9 days of trekking + 2 days of climbing

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