Wisdom Tree & Cahuenga Peak… Again.

Hike Reports, LA / SoCal Trails / Friday, November 7th, 2014

image2_1Last Sunday [11.2.14] I attempted the same hike I did in the summer.  It’s a super short one (3 miles total) but I’m not exactly sure I completed it.  I’ll keep this short & simple since I’ve wrote about this hike before.  But the first 0.75 miles is basically straight up the mountain.  When I ask someone to do this with me, I’ll usually warn them about how strenuous the first part is… well I forgot this time.  In short, by the time we got to the top (the Wisdom Tree),  my friend didn’t want to continue to Cahuenga Peak so I carried on alone.  image3If the whole thing was only 3 miles total, so 1.5 mile each way, and it’s 0.75 mile to the tree, then I think it’s safe to say I made it to the peak.  I was the tallest point on that mountain (I think) & it seemed like the right distance, but I could be wrong.  Well, I made it there and back within half hour so my friend wouldn’t have to wait too long.  It was a nice day though.  It rained two nights earlier so the weather was still freezing cold.  But that makes for great hiking weather.

Views from the top: DTLA, Hollywood Reservoir, Griffith Park, Griffith Observatory, Hollywood sign (side/back view, not the best), Universal City, Lakeside Golf Club.

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