Wisdom Tree Hike at Sunset

So as you know by now, this is one of my favorite hikes which I have repeated several times now.  It’s short, but very elevated with a gorgeous view!  So last Tuesday [3.10.15], I left work just a tad bit early to catch the sunset with a friend.  I like going to the same hikes at different times or day to see it in a different light, hence why I go to the Baldwin Hills Overlook a lot.  Well, with daylight savings, the sun sets around 7:12 pm ish these days so I was able to get some really beautiful pictures. It’s definitely a sight for sore eyes… 😀

My friend and I left from my office in San Gabriel around 5:50 pm and hit more traffic then anticipated.  We got there at 6:35 pm, walked to the trailhead, and began at 6:42 pm.  The sunset was set to occur around 6:50-6:55 pm that Tuesday, so of course I had to haul ass.  Normally, I don’t like leaving people behind, but my friend knew I really wanted to catch the sunset so she told me to just go ahead and she’ll meet me at the top.  It’s one clear path straight up for less than one mile so I just went for it.  I ran up about half of it and made it up in 12 mins.  The first time I went by myself it took me 17 mins to get up.  I was determined to catch part of the sunset though, so I made it up at 6:54 pm, right when the sun was setting.  With my luck though, that just happened to be the only cloudy day of the week -_- … but it was still an amazing view. It was nice to see the view from sunset to night.  You get a very nice view of DTLA, Universal City area and Griffith Park.  & you know me… I love the twinkle of the city lights! Going down was a bit tricky in the dark.  We brought a flashlight but didn’t want to attract any bugs, so we walked very slow and carefully down.  She held my hand the entire way since my shoes were not slippery like hers.  😛 Slow and steady wins the race!  Check out some of the pics… they all kind of look the same but they are all different and you can see the change from sunset to dark.

Since the sun will only be setting later and later through the Spring and Summer, I’m excited to go back and take my time to catch the full sunset!

IMG_0104 copy

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