Best Leggings to Hike In

One of the questions I get the most often is what leggings do I recommend for hiking… so I’m finally putting my top picks in a blog post for you! If you’ve been following my journey for a while, you’ll see I only hike in leggings or shorts.

Why do I choose to hike in leggings instead of pants?

FIT – It can be gross on a hot day if I’m sweating in leggings that are sticking to me but that’s the thing, I like my clothes sticking to me; I want to feel it’s there. Baggy clothes tend to tickle me when I’m constantly moving and it brushes up on me… add on sweat then that’s just gross wet cloth that keeps touching me and making me more aware of it as opposed to the sweaty leggings that are stuck on me like glue.
MATERIAL – I like the stretch and mobility of leggings, simple as that. But the materials of leggings still make a big difference so here are my top go-to leggings that I’d recommend.

Best leggings for hiking?

Lululemon, Glyder Apparel, and Ever Brand

A couple of things to keep in mind – not all brands and all styles are made equal. There are only particular styles I like of certain brands and quality matters. All of my leggings these days are high-waisted. & This is not a sponsored post, but includes affiliate links, so if you see something you like, support a girl and click that link 🙂


These are hands down my favorite leggings to hike in except there’s one main downside – no pockets!! The Lululemon Wunder Under leggings are my favorite and only Lululemon style I currently wear; the fabric is thick enough that it holds you in but it’s thin enough to be breathable and stretchy, providing mobility on the trails. & Let’s just be real honest and say they’re known to be booty-flattering. Yes, that’s a real thing because not all leggings are made equal in that sense. These are great for daily loungewear as well and one of the leggings that join me on all my trips.

The Align leggings are another favorite I hear from everyone – I personally have not tried these but most people I see on IG that workout wears the Aligns. The main difference is in the material – this one is supposed to be more “buttery soft”, delicate, and has less compression… but I prefer the compression and slightly thicker material.

Lululemon apparel is slightly more expensive but 100% worth it in my opinion to own at least one pair. I bought my first pair in 2015 (now I own 3 of the same pair) and these have set the standards for all my leggings comparison after.

Ever Brand

Ever Brand is a small company doing big things. The Sweatflow leggings is technically a 7/8 length which I’m usually not a fan of but it actually works out nicely with my height. To be very honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of these when I first got them… I wasn’t sure what made them so special BUT after wearing them several times…. it grew on me… a LOT – I learned to appreciate all the features of the fabric the more I wore them hiking and at the gym, but my favorite things by far were the stretchiness, odor resistance and it has pockets!! It feels buttery soft and smooth, but not in the same sense as other “buttery-soft” leggings. I can’t quite describe the feeling, you’ll just have to try it for yourself. I have been wearing these religiously since they first launched 3 years ago and it’s become a staple on all my adventures – they’re great in the mountains, at the gym, on my evening walks, and honestly just the best daily leggings for functionality. The Wearagain Technology allows you to wear it 5x without washing it and I’ve probably worn it more and it stayed odor-proof, doesn’t feel sticky or dirty, even after a few good sweat sessions! I cannot say enough good things about these leggings and probably going to get another pair or two considering how much I wear them (any photos I’ve posted in black leggings with pockets are these Sweatflow leggings).

The only two minor downsides to these leggings (which are personal preferences):

  1. I’m not a huge fan of 7/8 length leggings but these are actually quite nice with my height and come right down to my ankle so it doesn’t bother me like other brands do. Plus, I wear my hiking socks over my leggings often.
  2. These leggings will hold you in… but it doesn’t have the same compression as the Lululemon Wunder Under… so on my very fat and bloated days, I do not reach for these… I like leggings that will hold me in and suck up the fat – but that’s my own personal problem that doesn’t apply to you 😉

ALSO, these are ethically made and each pair funds 1000L water purification for developing world. They also currently sell FACE MASKS (4 layer, antiviral) and are donating a face mask for every one purchased!


There are two styles I really like and for particular reasons: the Sculpt Leggings and the Sultry Leggings.

Sculpt Leggings

These are my favorite for warm-season hiking. They’re very thin but not see-through at all… and they have pockets! It’s moisture-wicking but I’ve found the high-waisted band on the back in particular does take a little bit longer to dry when it gets sweaty because it’s double-lined, but the rest of it wicks great. I also feel like the design of the Sculpt leggings are a bit more flattering, but every body is different.
*PS it’s currently on sale

Sultry Leggings

In terms of design and fit, these are the closest leggings I’ve found to resemble Lululemon’s Wunder Under which makes them a winner in my book. The fabric for Glyder’s Sultry has a little more stretch than the Lululemon which makes it easier/ less-compressive to move in sometimes.

Glyder also offers 15% off your first purchase.

Ultimately, the style of leggings you purchase will depend on what your needs are. It’s really hard for me to recommend just one of these to you because it depends on what you are looking for, but I’d highly recommend owning at least one pair of Lululemon in your lifetime for normal daily use. To sum it up, here is a cheat sheet to the best features of each pair:

Lululemon Wunder Under: flattery / compression / quality

Ever Sweatflow: stretch/ moisture-wicking / pockets

Glyder Sculpt: thin/ breathable/ pockets

Glyder Sultry: stretchy/ compression

Affordable option: Here is a Lululemon-dupe at a fraction of the price if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly pair of leggings. I have not tested these out yet (although I want to as soon as I need a new pair) but it’s highly recommended by bloggers and my sister got a pair and loves it!

Also remember, when it comes to hiking leggings – QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. It’s worth the investment. You can wear the same thing every week and that is ok as long as you like it.

Thanks for reading!

Feel free to comment below what type of leggings you are looking for/ use and I’ll try my best to help you based off my experiences 🙂

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  1. Can you please suggest really good hiking boots…… especially for people with back issues! Thanks.

  2. Best leg coverings ever for yoga, hiking, being cozy, and darn near anything. Said no man ever. Oh wait, I just did.

    Check out CRZ Yoga

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