Best Hiking Leggings for 2023

One of the questions I get the most often is what leggings do I recommend for women hiking, so I’ve finally put together my top 3 leggings for hiking in this blog post for you! If you’ve been following my journey for a while, you’ll see I only hike in leggings or shorts.

First off, why trust my opinion? I’ve tested out countless leggings, I’m an avid hiker for 8 years and climbing for 2 years. I basically live in leggings.

Why do I choose to hike in leggings instead of pants?

FIT – It can be gross on a hot day if I’m sweating in leggings that are sticking to me but that’s the thing, I like my clothes sticking to me; I want to feel it’s there. Baggy clothes tend to tickle me when I’m constantly moving and it brushes up on me… add on sweat then that’s just gross wet cloth that keeps touching me and making me more aware of it as opposed to the sweaty leggings that are stuck on me like glue.
MATERIAL – I like the stretch and mobility of leggings, simple as that. But the materials of leggings still make a big difference so here are my top go-to leggings that I’d recommend.

Best leggings for hiking?

Lululemon, Fjallraven, and Eddie Bauer

A couple of things to keep in mind – not all brands and all styles are made equal. There are only particular styles I like of certain brands and quality matters. All of my leggings these days are high-waisted. & This is not a sponsored post but includes affiliate links (which means I may make a tiny commission off your purchases at no extra cost to you), so if you see something you like, support me and click that link 🙂

Lululemon Leggings for Hiking

These are hands down my favorite leggings to hike in except there’s one main downside – no pockets!! The Lululemon Wunder Under leggings are my favorite and only Lululemon style I currently wear (prefer the luon/ non-luxtreme fabric); the fabric is thick enough that it holds you in all the right places, but it’s thin enough to be breathable and stretchy, providing mobility on the trails. & Let’s just be real honest and say they’re known to be booty-flattering. Yes, that’s a real thing because not all leggings are made equal in that sense. These are also great for daily loungewear, traveling, and they are one of the leggings that join me on all my trips.

Quick fix for leggings with no pockets when hiking: I just discovered this shoulder pocket that’s made hiking with my phone easily accessible! It conveniently attaches to the front of your backpack and fits the iPhone max and some snacks!

The Align leggings are another favorite I hear from everyone – I personally have not tried these but most people I see on IG who workout wear the Aligns. The main difference is in the material – this one is supposed to be more “buttery soft”, delicate, and has less compression… but I prefer the compression and slightly thicker material.

Lululemon apparel is slightly more expensive but 100% worth it in my opinion to own at least one pair. Quality over quantity. I bought my first pair in 2015 (now I own 3 of the same pair) and these have set the standards for all my leggings comparisons after.

Fjallraven Tights for Hiking, Scrambling, and Climbing

I’ve been eyeing the Fjallraven Abisko Trekking Tights/ Trousers for four years and finally pulled the trigger on buying a pair… my only regret is that I didn’t purchase it sooner. I absolutely LOVE these leggings for hiking but they’re even better for all the climbing and scrambling I do.

The polyamide fabric makes these leggings (tights) thinner than I expected them to be but I like that. It’s still thick overall and very durable – the knees and butt area have extra reinforcements for extra durability which is awesome when you’re constantly resting on the ground and rocks!! It’s still stretchy and fits like a glove! There’s also a large pocket, big enough to fit the iPhone pro max fully – it’s one of the best leggings pocket designs I’ve experienced. There’s a”lid” that flaps over the pocket but what I found to be really unique was I couldn’t even feel my phone in my pocket the whole time!

Can’t say enough good things about these Fjallraven Abisko leggings and highly recommend these if you trek long distances, scramble, or climb. They are a bit pricey but 100% worth it IMHO. I loved it so much I just bought a second pair (:
**DEAL ALERT – 30% off**

Eddie Bauer Tights for Hiking

I’ve been wearing Eddie Bauer’s high-rise trail tight leggings and hybrid trail tight leggings for about two years now and love how comfortable and stretchy they are. Also, they have zippered pockets which makes them very convenient for your phone and trail snacks!! These are slightly thicker compared to my usual favorite leggings but the high rise sucks in your gut still. I do wish they made a size smaller though – my waist is smaller & the XS fits, but I prefer my leggings a bit snugger without extra fabric on me so I reserve these for my bloated days. It does not have the same next-to-skin feel as the other leggings I hike in, and I do like the hybrid tights more than the regular trail tights but they don’t always have that in stock.

Glyder Leggings for Hiking

Sultry Leggings

In terms of design and fit, these are the closest leggings I’ve found to resemble Lululemon’s Wunder Under which makes them a winner in my book. The fabric for Glyder’s Sultry has a little more stretch than the Lululemon which makes it easier/less compressive to move in sometimes.

Glyder also offers 15% off your first purchase.

Ultimately, the style of leggings you purchase will depend on what your needs are. It’s really hard for me to recommend just one of these to you because it depends on what you are looking for, but I’d highly recommend owning at least one pair of Lululemon in your lifetime for normal daily use. To sum it up, here is a cheat sheet to the best features of each pair:

Lululemon Wunder Under Leggings: flattery / compression / quality / stretch

Fjallraven Abisko Tights: quality/ durability/ stretch

Eddie Bauer Trail Tights: stretch/ moisture-wicking / pockets

Glyder Sultry: stretchy/ compression

Affordable option: Here is a Lululemon-dupe at a fraction of the price if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly pair of leggings. I have not tested these out yet (although I want to as soon as I need a new pair) but it’s highly recommended by bloggers and my sister got a pair and loves it!

Also remember, when it comes to hiking leggings – QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. It’s worth the investment. You can wear the same thing every week and that is ok as long as you like it.

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Thanks for reading!

Feel free to comment below what type of leggings you are looking for/ use and I’ll try my best to help you based off my experiences 🙂

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    1. I really appreciate your blogs and IG account! I have a trip planned to Zion in November (avg temp in 50s). I love hiking in leggings because they’re so comfortable. Would you still recommend hiking in leggings or would you recommend something warmer? Thanks so much! You’re such an inspiration!

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