Hike Reports LA / SoCal Trails

Hike Iron Mountain via Heaton Flats

HIKE TO: Iron Mountain (aka Big Iron Mountain, Iron Mountain #1) TRAIL: Heaton Flats Trail > Iron Mountain Trail MILES: 13.94 miles (out & back) TIME: 4:37 hours up, 3:!6 hours down DATE I WENT: 12/13/20 DIFFICULTY: strenuous ELEVATION: 7981 ft ELEVATION GAIN: 5981 ft (6856 ft gross) PARKING PERMIT: yes LOCATION: Angeles National Forest/ […]

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Hike Reports LA / SoCal Trails

Short Hike to a Swimming Hole in Stoddard Canyon

HIKE TO: Stoddard Canyon Falls MILES: 1.25 miles (out & back) TIME: 15-20 mins one-way DATE I WENT: 8/15/20 DIFFICULTY: easy ELEVATION: 3653 ft ELEVATION GAIN/ LOSS: 188 ft HIKE PERMIT: no PARKING PERMIT: yes LOCATION: Angeles National Forest / Mount Baldy Wilderness Preserve / San Gabriel Mountains *please note Google maps currently shows this […]

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3 Hikes in Lake Arrowhead: Plan a Weekend Getaway

TRIP DATES: November 13-15, 2020 LOCATION: San Bernardino Mountains (Crestline/ Lake Arrowhead) CAMP: Thousand Pines via Campspot HIKES: Hot Spring, Heart Rock, & Pinnacles National Take a Hike Day 2020 There are 60k+ trails in the National Trail System and with the convenience of a cabin near Lake Arrowhead this past weekend, I got to […]

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Hike Reports LA / SoCal Trails

Hike to Bighorn Peak in Angeles National Forest

HIKE TO: Bighorn Peak TRAIL: Icehouse Canyon > Ontario Peak Trail MILES: 10.57 miles (out & back) TIME: 4:39 hrs (4 hr moving time) DATE I WENT: 10/25/20 DIFFICULTY: moderate ELEVATION: 8441 ft ELEVATION GAIN/ LOSS: 3428 ft HIKE PERMIT: no PARKING PERMIT: yes LOCATION: Angeles National Forest/ San Bernardino National Forest, Cucamonga Wilderness Icehouse […]

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Eastern Sierra Hike Reports

Hike Mammoth Crest to Deer Lakes

HIKE TO: Deer Lakes, Duck Lake, Pika Lake, Barney Lake TRAIL: Mammoth Crest to Duck Pass MILES: 16.44 miles TIME: 7:17 hrs moving time (1 night) DATE I WENT: 7/4/20 – 7/5/20 DIFFICULTY: moderate ELEVATION: 11254 ft ELEVATION GAIN/ LOSS: 3748 ft HIKE PERMIT: yes for overnight backcounty camping, no for day hikes PARKING PERMIT: […]

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Gear Guide

REI Labor Day Sale 2020: Shop My Favorite Items

It’s that time of the year again… the REI Labor Day Sale is here through Sept 7, 2020! REI usually has many of my favorite gear on sale but not so much this time around… listed below the gear, clothes, and snacks I use and love if you want to check it out! This is […]

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Eastern Sierra Hike Reports

Parker Lake

HIKE TO: Parker Lake TRAIL: Parker Lake Trail MILES: 3.73 miles out and back TIME: 1:23 hrs DATE I WENT: 6/28/20 DIFFICULTY: easy ELEVATION: 8341 ft ELEVATION GAIN/ LOSS: 720 ft HIKE PERMIT: no for day hikes, yes for overnight PARKING PERMIT: no LOCATION: Eastern Sierra/ Inyo National Forest/ Ansel Adams Wilderness Parker Lake Trail […]

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Resource Guide for How to Plan An Epic Backpacking Trip

How do you find this spot? What do you use to track your hikes? How do I download a track? How do you check the weather for your camp location? What gear do you recommend? These are questions I get asked often and although the answers may seem like common knowledge to veteran hikers, I […]

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Hike Reports

White Mountain Peak, 14252 ft: California’s 3rd Tallest Peak

HIKE TO: White Mountain Peak TRAIL: White Mountain Trail/Road MILES: 14.8 miles out and back TIME: 7:11 hrs (6:16 hrs of moving time) DATE I WENT: 6/27/20 DIFFICULTY: moderate ELEVATION: 14252 ft ELEVATION GAIN/ LOSS: 3485 ft HIKE PERMIT: no PARKING PERMIT: no LOCATION: White Mountains Wilderness Area/ Inyo National Forest White Mountain Peak is […]

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Gear Guide Hike Reports

Summer Hiking Essentials: Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Summer is here and I’ve put together a quick pack list of some of my must-have items for hiking in the sun & heat! While you are out enjoying the trails, lakes, camp, or beach, make sure to protect your skin from UV rays! 5 Must-Have Pack Items for Summer Outdoors Sun Block There are […]

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