Beach Biking: Marvin Braude Trail (West LA)

Yesterday (Sat 8.23.14) was a fun but long day of beach biking!  I got this deal on groupon for a full day bike rental for two from bike curious rentals in Venice Beach, so my roomy and I went.  I think it was 11:30am-12pm by the time we actually started biking.  We biked from Windward Ave where you see the VENICE letters hanging to C&O on Washington.  Of course we had to grub before getting started… we had an early & small breakfast!  I’m seeing a pattern of our Venice beach days… C&O for the garlic knots (these garlic bread are so worth the drive!)… then biking. 

Anyways, it was just after 1pm by the time we got on track.  We biked the Marvin Braude Bike Path (aka “The Strand”) which is basically 22 miles (11 miles there and back) from Santa Monica to Hermosa Beach and back – we started from Venice Beach and stopped at Manhattan Beach since that’s what I thought was the whole thing. Needless to say, we did almost the whole thing, give or take a couple miles.  I lost my fitbit at the OC Fair so I can’t track my mileage anymore. =(  It took us roughly 3 hours with a few picture stops.  By the time we hit El Porto, we were getting tired and if we didn’t turn back then, I couldn’t be certain my legs would make it back.

We started off going on Washington Blvd to the bike path before you hit Oxford Ave.  The path then goes right leading through a small park along Admiralty Way, to Marina Del Ray, through the parking lots, around the water and boats, continuing on Ballona Creek Bike Path all the way back to the ocean, carrying back onto Marvin Braude Bike Path along the beach for the rest of the way.   From here, it was a simple, clear path.  There were a couple small inclines as we approached El Porto, but when you’re biking on a beach cruiser, you can feel every little incline in your legs. Phew!  Once we got to our destination, we rested and took in the view for about ten minutes before heading back.  I know.. for how much we bike you’d think we’d want to stay longer right?  Well, we didn’t bring a towel to lay out on, we both don’t need to tan more than we already are, we both had other engagements to get back to, and most of all if I rested too long, I would struggle biking back.  I’m the kinda person that once if I stop and rest too long, my body will enjoy it too much and I’ll just crash… which is why I minimize my breaks in every activity I do.

Well the way back seemed faster and easier, maybe cause we got the hilly parts out of the way first.  We stopped at an ice cream truck on the way back at the Ballona Creek Bridge… I haven’t had ice cream from a truck since I was a kid! ^.^   Well tech I got a frozen banana…. but that counts right??

Well enjoy the pix below & let me know if you have questions regarding the bike path! =)


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