Beach Cruising: Santa Monica to Manhattan Beach Pier

Saturday [5.2.15] was beach biking in WLA with Michael. We rented our beach cruisers from Santa Monica Beach Bicycle and it was only a flat rate of $15 for a whole day rental for the single speed beach cruisers.  They opened just the week before so I don’t know if that’s a grand opening price or there normal price, but it’s a good deal.

We planned to do the whole Marvin Braude bike trail this time… but ran out of time.  We started around 10:15 am, took our time and got to lunch in Manhattan Beach around 12:45pm (ate at Manhattan Beach Post… the chimichanga was pretty yummy), and got back around maybe 4pm or so.  There were a lot of beautiful beach houses the more south you go which I never noticed much, so that was cool to check out.  Oh, locking up our two bikes with one of those U-shaped locks was a struggle though… make sure you get your own lock!

Overall, it was a great day.  I love beach cruising because it’s the relaxing kind of fitness which is good once in awhile.  For me, it’s more of a recovery exercise since most other forms of fitness I do seem more intense.  I haven’t rode an actual road-bike since I was a kid but I’d be open to that too.  The only thing about any form of biking is the seat……… man it really hurts sitting on that after awhile. 🙁 But good weather, great company, yummy food, beautiful views, and exercise… what more can you ask for?

Beach Biking Stats:


⊗ Trail:  The Strand/ Marvin Braude Trail (SM to MB Pier)
⊗ Distance:  28.5 miles
⊗ Time:  4.5 hrs (excluding lunch)



Tried to get a picture at every beach we passed along the way…

Santa Monica Beach/ Santa Monica Pier/ Palisades Park/ Ocean Park

Venice City Beach

Marina Del Ray/ Playa Del Rey

Dockweiler Beach

El Segundo / El Porto / Manhattan Beach

…& then there’s the food.

If you haven’t figured it out by now… Michael’s a girl.


♥Never stop exploring♥

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