Culver City Stairs ~ Night View

Yesterday [11.11.14] was pole again. The Culver City stairs is only a couple of miles away so I stopped by on the way home. Knowing I was going to hike this morning, I didn’t go for the exercise but more for the view. & I also banged me heel worse than usual at pole so that didn’t help. It’s amazing what you can explore on your own though. I usually take the stairs up but I’ll take a path down, one that leads to the driveway. This time I took the wide dirt path that zig-zags all the way down.

Yesterday was about 63 degrees when I was up there and super windy. So yes, I was freezing cold. My hands at least. My legs just a little. But the view www so breathtaking I couldn’t bring myself to leave quite yet. Tranquility, peace, serenity. It’s nice to just sit and collect my thoughts…

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