Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

This past Sunday, I did a short hike to Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook in Culver City.  This is one of my favorite short hikes since it’s conveniently in the city (just not my city), I just wish I was closer to it.  There’s a trail that weaves around the mountain, and then there’s the famous stairs that go straight to the top.  Every time I come here, I usually just do the stairs up and take the pavement down.  It’s super short, but the stairs are a really good workout on the booty.

This time, my friend took me a different route.  We started off on Duquesne Ave which led to Culver City Park.  There’s a long wooden bridge-ramp that weaves to the top of the park, and then we passed through a parking lot and a field to get to the actual hill.  Since we were on a time crunch and about to miss the sunset, we took a shortcut up a dirt path to the top of the hill where there sits a single bench. It was definitely fast, but it’s not an actual trail and a bit steep so be careful if you head the same way.  I tried meditating for the first time after watching the sunset.  Since I always have a million thoughts running through my head, it was hard at first to clear out my head, but once I did, it was nice… serene.

Anyways, as we continued behind the visitor center, you get a really nice view of DTLA.  & on a clear day, you can even see the Hollywood sign and Griffith Park.  We took the hillside trail most of the way down, and ended up on Hetzler Rd.  The actual hill hike was short, but when you count the time it took us to walk to and from the house, the park, and stopping at the top, it took us about 1 hr 20 mins or so.


p.s. I didn’t do the stairs hike this time, but I’ve included a pic below from a previous visit

image image(1) IMG_9223


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