Wisdom Tree Hike in Hollywood

How difficult is the Wisdom Tree hike?

The hike to the Wisdom Tree in Hollywood is strenuous. It’s short but very steep.

How much elevation gain is the Wisdom Tree hike?

The hike gains about 800 ft in only 3/4 of a mile.

Where does the Wisdom Tree hike start?

The hike starts in a residential neighborhood in Hollywood off of Barham Blvd. The road leading up to the trailhead is gated off for private residents but you can park down the street on Lake Hollywood Dr by Wonder View Dr.

You will walk up the paved road (be careful for cars driving through) and come to the trailhead at the end on the right side.

The trailhead is labeled as Aileen Getty & Hugh M Hefner Land for People with a plaque, but it’s also known as the Wonder View Trail. Click here for trailhead GPS.

Can you hike Wisdom Tree at night?

Parking is not allowed after 9 p.m. so while you can hike the Wisdom Tree at night, make sure you’re back to your car by then.

Don’t forget to pack a headlamp if you plan to hike in the evening for sunset. Sunset is a beautiful time to hike as Golden Hour lights up all of Los Angeles from above, and you can see the lights twinkle as they turn on.

Click here for the best ultralight and powerful headlamp.

Wisdom Tree Hike

The Wisdom Tree in Hollywood earned its name through a combination of natural resilience and cultural significance. This lone pine tree, standing atop what is sometimes considered Burbank Peak, remarkably survived a devastating wildfire in 2007 when the surrounding landscape was reduced to ashes. Its tenacious existence became a symbol of hope and inspiration for many, attracting hikers and wanderers seeking wisdom in the face of adversity. Over time, visitors began leaving notes, letters, and mementos at the tree’s base, forming a “wisdom tree” of shared thoughts and insights. Today, it stands as a living testament to both nature’s endurance and the wisdom shared among those who visit it.

On Sunday, 7/6/14, I went hiking with one of my good friends who moved here from the East Coast and her roommate. We went to the Cahuenga Peak and Wisdom Tree hike near Griffith Park in Hollywood but only made it as far as the Wisdom Tree which was a great workout on its own.

The hike is basically 3/4 of a mile straight up then straight down, so about 1.5 miles round trip.  Do not let the distance fool you — It may be a super short hike but it was definitely a booty-blasting workout on the way up.

There is plenty of street parking nearby and from afar, you can see the wisdom tree at the top of the mountain. It looks really steep and intimidating, but it’s worth it.  From the trailhead, it was a clear, straight shot up to the tree. There are a lot of unpaved steps at the beginning and the dirt trail can be loose and slippery so be careful and make sure you wear good hiking shoes.

Oh yeah, and there is almost no shade on this hike unless you hike in the evening as the sun drops down the other side of the mountain.

All in all, it only took us maybe about 45 mins but every time I’ve gone back since, it’s taken me 20-30 minutes so it really depends on your pace.

The views from the top at the Wisdom Tree are unobstructed 360-degree views from the top of LA. You can see down into the Universal Studios area, Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, the Hollywood Reservoir, and north into Burbank.

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