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Hollywood Sign Hike: The Best & Shortest Trail to Get to the Top

The Hollywood Sign is a must-hike for tourists and there are many different trails for all levels of hikers. The shortest and best hike to access the Hollywood Sign is from the Wisdom Tree and Cahuenga Peak.

How long is the hike to the Hollywood Sign? 

The duration of the hike to the Hollywood Sign can vary depending on which trailhead you start from and your hiking pace. Here are some approximate times for the most popular trails:

  • Brush Canyon Trail: If you’re looking for a longer hike with a more relaxed pace, the Brush Canyon Trail is about 6 miles round trip and you can include a quick detour to the famous Bronson Cave. It can take around 2.5 to 3 hours to complete. This trail provides some solitude and a peaceful hiking experience.
  • Wisdom Tree and Cahuenga Peak: This trail is approximately 3 miles round trip and can take 1.5 to 2 hours to finish. It’s steeper than some of the other options but offers great views.
hollywood sign hike

Remember that these are estimated times, and your actual hiking time may vary based on your fitness level and how many breaks you take along the way. Additionally, trail conditions and crowds can affect the pace of your hike. Be sure to check the current trail conditions and any regulations before starting your hike to the Hollywood Sign.

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Is it possible to walk up to the Hollywood Sign?

Access to the Hollywood Sign is closed to the public. When people say they “go to the Hollywood sign”, they mean they hiked up above and behind it to Mount Lee where you get a nice view of the back side of the sign. It’s the only way to “walk up to the Hollywood Sign”

hollywood sign hike

Shortest Hike to Hollywood Sign

The shortest hike to the Hollywood Sign is from the Wisdom Tree Hike (sometimes known as the Burbank Peak Trail). This trail follows the hike up to Wisdom Tree (1,679 ft) for about ¾ mile but instead of turning left at the top, you go right and hike along the ridge for another ¾ mile. This makes the hike a total of 3 miles round trip.

This ridge trail is sometimes referred to as the old Wonder View Trail or the Aileen Getty Ridge Trail.

The trail passes Cahuenga Peak (1,814 ft) and Hugh Heffner’s Overlook (1,619 ft) before reaching the paved road and the back of the Hollywood Sign. This vista is from Mount Lee (1,709 ft) and is the closest you can get to the Hollywood Sign.

If you are looking for a chill, touristy hike to the Hollywood sign to socialize with your friends before brunch, this is not the hike for you.

Hollywood Sign Parking

There is plenty of street parking on Lake Hollywood Drive that requires a short walk up to the trailhead through a residential neighborhood. Make sure you check the parking signs – I believe there’s no parking after 9 p.m.

hollywood sign hike

Is it hard to hike up to the Hollywood sign?

There are many trails that offer a moderate hiking experience with less elevation gain and more miles, but the shortest hike to the Hollywood Sign is strenuous. The first half of the hike that leads up to the ridge gains 800 ft in 0.75 miles before it trends flat-ish along the ridge. The ridge hiking traverse is narrow at some points, but plenty wide where you don’t have to worry about slipping off (unless you’re incompetent and not paying attention to where you are going).

Part of the ridge section of the trail descends a little and can be a bit slippery on the loose dirt and rocks if you are wearing regular gym shoes so I’d recommend hiking shoes. Keen’s new Zionic lightweight hybrid hiking boots have been a recent favorite of mine.

Just after the Hugh Heffner Overlook, the dirt trail drops down to connect to the paved road that leads to the back of the Hollywood Sign. This is the point where you will likely encounter the mass of visitors hiking the Hollywood Sign; this is where the trail connects with all of the other trails but the trail should be pretty peaceful and secluded up until here as it’s not commonly trafficked (which I think makes it a better overall experience).

Which trail has the best view of the Hollywood Sign? 

For a fantastic view of the iconic Hollywood sign, you should consider the Griffith Observatory hike. This relatively short trail offers a perfect vantage point to capture stunning photos of the Hollywood Sign against the Los Angeles skyline. The Griffith Observatory itself is a popular attraction, and the trail leading up to it provides a picturesque perspective of the sign, making it a must-visit location for those looking to admire this iconic landmark without an extensive hike. It’s a fantastic addition to your blog, offering a different perspective on the Hollywood Sign experience.

The Last House on Mulholland is one of these best photo spots for a view of the Hollywood sign. Click here for map.

Which trail has the best view of the Hollywood Sign?

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