Early Morning Hike at the Stairs!

Last Thursday [09.25.14] I went hiking with a friend super early in the morning.  I’m not much of a morning person, but if it’s to do something I love or with someone I love, I’m less cranky about it.

So Dana at I conquered the stairs of death at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook at 8am (& yes this is considered early for me).  I come here a lot cause it’s convenient when I’m out this way & it’s a short but super effective workout.  Since we were both starving, we kept it short and sweet.  Hiked the stairs up, took the path down, finished on the driveway.  I’ve never been here in the mornings so it was quite nice so see it.  It’s definitely less crowded.  Of course it got warm going up, but still a nice breeze at the top.

I love daytime pix w/ natural light… no filters needed… so this is what I look like when I wake up 😛

Afterwards we went to eat at S & W Country Diner in Culver City.  I’ve missed good quality diner style food… & this def hit the spot.  Overall, it was a good morning.  I felt like I got a lot accomplished before heading in to work.  I guess I’m blessed to start work later in the mornings and have a flexible schedule on top of that… I should prob take advantage of it more though.

Spinach mushroom avocado omelet w/ hashbrowns and wheat toast

I’ve been out of shape lately cause I’ve been eating pretty bad… lot of carbs & sugars… it’s terrible.  Maybe it’s an age thing but I do feel it in my body right away and notice I’m more sluggish.  Anyways, even when I’m eating decently well and in-shape, I still feel the effects of this hike at least a little bit.  But after this day… my legs/ gluts were sore for daysssss…

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