National Trails Day: Wisdom Tree

I had to come back to one of my favorite trails for a quick hike on National Trails Day [6.6.15] — the Wisdom Tree in Hollywood.  I do this one so much so I am not going to do a full write up.  From the car (I was in the first spot) to the tree, it took me 22 mins to hike the 0.92 miles.  Elevation gain: 538 ft.  I only hiked to the tree and back down; I did not go to Cahuenga Peak or the Hollywood sign this time, but I did get to climb up the tree this time since it was fairly empty up there… and got sap all over my legs. -_-

If you want to read about the full hike details, check out one of my previous posts:

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Wisdom tree at sunset

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    1. Hi Glen, the trails gains mostly in the first part of the trail which goes straight up to the tree. The entire trail is about 3 miles (there and back) but to just the tree is about three quarters of a mile and gains about 600 ft or so. You basically climb straight up to the tree and the trail to the hollywood sign is the easy flat part.

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